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“These Guys Can write a college paper for you, no matter how urgent or complicated it is”. That’s the general message of the website. Their story is that their team is composed of students, who have learnt how to deal with essay efficiently and painlessly.
After all the services we’ve come across, this one seems to stand out in a positive way: at least there are no stupid mistakes on the homepage. “These Guys Can” seem to have their authentic face and spirit. They do their very best to appear to be cool and approachable. No oaths to be “the most experienced academic writers out there”. Just simple deal: “we write your essays, while you party”.
The design of the site is bright, yet easy to navigate: one can immediately choose academic level, necessary type of paper and the deadline. You don’t have to squint to read grey text on a little-bit-less-grey background (we really appreciate these details now).


Nothing special here: price is defined on the basis of academic level, type of paper and the deadline. An essay with a 24-hours deadline may cost the following amounts of money:
Undergraduate – $24
Bachelor – $29
Professional – $35.
The order form is very simple: only three steps from initial stage to the final “order button”. We tried really hard, yet haven’t managed to find any pitfalls or hidden charges there. If you’re willing to pay more, you may ask These Guys to send you a Plagiarism report, or choose the “Advanced” or “Top Writer” option. Although they don’t light up a firework of bonuses, discounts and special offers, everything looks clear and transparent. Basically, what you see is what you get. Having worked with several writing services, we would honestly prefer this approach. Your decision is only yours, though.

Writing Quality

To check These Guys Can quality of writing we decided to go hard on them and ordered a research paper with the deadline of 3 days and standard writer option.
The paper was written in a clear, concise manner and addressed all the issues, presupposed by the topic. Despite that, we asked for a couple of adjustments (simplifying sentence structure in several paragraphs and polishing the formatting). The revision was made fast and all of our requirements were met.
Well, writing quality was not absolutely perfect, yet it was good enough to please us.

Customer Support

To test the adequacy of customer support team, we had 2 conversations with them, both on the phone. Surprisingly, the guys were quick to answer, understood everything we were saying and generally were pleasant to talk to.


“These Guys Can” can provide a customer with a high-quality paper at a relatively low price. The quality of writing is quite high, although papers may have to be fine-tuned to perfectly fit individual requirements of every customer. Generally speaking, we were quite happy with this service. But who knows, maybe we were just lucky this time.